Intermediate Grades (3-5)

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  • Reading and Literacy

    Students concentrate on grammar, writing mechanics, as well as to the development and strengthening of overall literacy skills. A main focus in writing is understanding and using the five different phases in the overall writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. Utilizing specific subject areas such as fairy tales, short stories, poetry, and novels, students continually work towards developing an aptitude in literacy. By using these varying texts and our Writer’s Workshop class, students understand fundamentals and utilize the mechanics of both reading and writing to better connect with the world around them. 



    The Intermediate Mathematics program builds upon prior mathematical fundamentals to focus on problem solving. Our focus is not just teaching the basic algorithms like the process of ‘carrying’ or ‘borrowing’ in addition or subtraction, but rather for students to learn and comprehend the underlying truths behind why these algorithms work. Understanding "why" allows the student to make generalizations to other, more complicated concepts. In this fashion the mathematical knowledge of the student grows as he or she studies more complex ideas. 

    Concepts are taught using a variety of tools, from visual aids to props that assist in kinesthetic learning.  Our small class size offer us the opportunity to differentiate activities and exercises to provide all learners with access to standard-based instruction. 



    Students in the Intermediate grades study life science, physical science, Earth & space science, and engineering with a hands-on focus, using technology and mini-labs to explore topics. Students are taught the scientific method and complete short lab reports. Field experiences include nearby beach and woods, and collaborating with partners including Maritime Center and the Museum of Science. 


    Social Studies

    Students study the history of Massachusetts, American history up to the Civil War, and United States geography. Lessons incorporate skits, simulations, hands-on activities and interactive web sites that bring history to life. Field experiences to New England historical sites happen throughout the year.