ReWILD the Child

Students in grades 6-8 also take part in a program called “ReWILD the Child”. The physical portion of this program entails hiking and nature walks, but the primary objective here is to initiate conversations about self worth, respect for others and a plethora of other “life skills” which are age appropriate for this group. 

Benefits of Nature Based Education and Our Program

  • Improved confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, and concentration
  • Improved physical stamina, fine and gross motor skills
  • Positive identity formation for individuals and communities
  • Environmentally sustainable behaviors and ecological literacy;
  • Increased knowledge of environment, increased frequency of visiting nature within families
  • Healthy and safe risk-taking;
  • Improved creativity and resilience;
  • Improved academic achievement and self-regulation;
  • Reduced stress and increased patience, self-discipline, capacity for attention, and recovery from mental fatigue
  • Improved higher level cognitive skills 

In our program, we build upon children’s experiences, as well as their “emerging” ideas, questions, and interests, scaffolding towards greater learning. Inquiry, at it’s most basic and funda- mental form, fuels this process and helps educator and child to dive deeper into knowing, learning and being.