What does it mean to be "Locally Grown?"

EPDS families represent a wonderful cross section of Cape Ann. They're involved in local sports and volunteerism, Cape Ann YMCA programs and churches, and a variety of community activities. Our families represent many backgrounds, some dating back many generations on Cape Ann, and some are from thousands of miles away. Some work in by our fishing industry, some are entrepreneurs, some teach. Some are artists, some are scientists. Some are dedicated to managing full time home life and some are dedicated to corporate life. It's a mix, a well planted colorful garden, locally grown.

Our students represent that wonderful garden. They are redefining what it means to be a student at an independent school - Cape Ann style. They are "locally grown", and they engage with the community and with the world in fascinating ways. With the support of their teachers they are encouraged to take risks with their learning, and take pride in achieving academic excellence. Each EPDS student in nurtured with their own unique set of talents, skills, and ideas, and they nurture each other taught to embrace respect for all. Over the course of a year, EPDS kids blossom with self-esteem, and enthusiastically support each other as fellow students and as friends. Rooted on Cape Ann, nurtured at EPDS. Locally Grown.