English by the Sea: International Summer Student Program

Eastern Point Day School invites you to experience the fun and fulfillment that comes from hosting an international student in your home this summer. Our host families are interested in sharing their Cape Ann way of life with these visting students. It's a great opportunity to extend your child's world without ever leaving home.

  • Program Dates: July 2 - July 30  
             Have a conflict, like a planned vacation? Often times other families can fill in. Talk to us!
  • Number of Students: 12 boys and girls, ages 12 - 15, mostly from Spain.
             As of June 10th,  3 students still require a host family.
  • Daily Routine: Students will attend EPDS 'Summer Adventures', M-F, 9-4, which includes lunch. Breakfast and dinner are provided by the host family. The weekends are 'family time' where you can stay local or go on excursions to share our New England treasures with your international student.
  • The Perks: Besides the new friendships, life long memories and sense of fulfillment, you'll receive a $500 stipend per child and a 25% discount on Eastern Point Day School's 'Summer Adventures' programs for your children.

If you’re interested in becoming a host family, or looking for additional information, please email the program coordinator, Robin Sarkin, at rpsarkin@gmail.com.  Provide your name and phone number and Robin will get back to you to discuss the program and answer any questions. 

“We’ve grown and expanded our world by opening our door! We both work full-time so we were worried about doing this, but after 5 years as a host family, we still look forward to another summer hosting and making great “forever friends”.
The Gillard Family
Gloucester, MA