Home School Program

Registration If you have questions about any of these programs, would like to schedule a tour of the school, or register your child for a program, email us at info@easternpointdayschool.org or call the school at 978-283-1700.

Eastern Point Day School is pleased to offer home schooled children the opportunity to participate in a variety of academic programs, field experiences, specials and extended day programs. The purpose of Home School at EPDS is to provide home school children and their families with an in-school experience designed to supplement and support a home school education. 


The social opportunity

Whether learning, teaching, playing or relaxing, children and adults at EPDS are kind, help others, work hard and have fun. We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect and recognize that life-long learning, diversity and tolerance are prerequisites to a peaceful, pleasant and productive society. EPDS maintains a low student to teacher ratio and believes this is most conducive to addressing each child’s strengths and needs. Children are challenged to apply their special skills and talents to all areas of learning and play by being creative, experimenting and working together. Safety and emotional security are at the top of the list as we strive to help our children be happy and successful human beings. Eastern Point Day School is a wonderful environment where children can “reach for the stars” and adults provide them with a “sturdy stool to stand on”. We hope that you will consider EPDS as a supplement to your child’s home school education. 


The educational opportunity

Home school students are invited to enroll in Academic Programs either morning or afternoon. Field Experiences at Appleton Farm, the Cape Ann Museum, The Gloucester Heritage Museum and other Cape Ann partner organizations are woven throughout the curriculum throughout the year. 

Art, Music, and Spanish are offered weekly at the school. Physical Education is weekly at the YMCA. Home school parents/guardians may enroll their children in all or selected EPDS Specials. Academic Programs include Specials when scheduled during an AM/PM program.

Home school students participating in Academic Programs and/or Specials may also choose to attend enrichment field trips scheduled throughout the year. Special enrichment field trips are not included in the tuition/fee.

After school programs are offered Monday through Thursday from 3:00 – 5:00 at the school. 


Academic Programs

Scheduled Field Experiences and Specials Included in Fees

Early Elementary (Kindergarten, 1 and 2)

Morning Program - 3.5 hrs/day

Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Scienc

Afternoon Program - 3 hrs/day 

Specialist and Other Activitie


Intermediate/Upper (Grades 3 – 8) 

Morning Program - 3.5 hrs/day

Reading/ELA and Social Studie

Afternoon Program - 3 hrs/day 

Math/Science, Technology, Engineering 

Enrichment Only

  • Music, Mondays
  • Art, Wednesdays
  • Physical Education at YMCA
  • Spanish, Tuesdays