Early Elementary

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  • 2016-2017 Application
  • EPDS is pleased to offer both full-day and half-day kindergarten programs. Please contact us for more information.

    When you enter our classroom, you are a scientist, a mathematician, a writer, an artist, an explorer, a friend, and you are important. Each day at Eastern Point Day School involves a structured routine filled with math, writing, reading, science, social studies and a variety of special subjects as well. The ways in which we learn new things and reinforce what we already know are always changing. 

    Inside the classroom, we explore through activities, experiments, literature, music, and art projects. When the weather allows, we can often be found outside on nature walks, scavenger hunts, and practicing our life skills of interacting within our community. Gloucester and the surrounding towns also offer opportunities that we incorporate into our curriculum on a monthly basis as field experiences. In the past, these have included visits to places such as Appleton Farms, the Maritime Heritage Center, the Museum of Science, Cape Ann Museum, Historic Salem, Minuteman National Park, and Peabody Essex Museum.

    Language Arts

    The Macmillan Treasures Reading/Language Arts program is our core reading and writing program. Phonics and phonemic awareness are learned and reviewed in a structured, sequential, and cumulative manner on a daily basis. We incorporate guided reading activities that offer a wealth of high quality literature geared towards each child’s reading level, interests, and monthly themes. Our writing program encourages children to gain an understanding and appreciation of effective communication through written and spoken language. Weekly journal responses, writing activities and “author’s circle” allow children to express themselves in the classroom while practicing the skills of writing, spelling, and public speaking.


    We use the Saxon Math program, which aligns with the Common Core Standards, to support mathematical concepts. Our Mathematics program promotes the ability to solve problems and build mathematics using situations derived from everyday experiences while also emphasizing the importance of learning math facts. Manipulatives are used at every level as models to provide concrete examples of abstract concepts. Our program offers meaningful and ample opportunities to differentiate instruction while providing students with access to standards-based instruction. In conjunction with the Saxon Math program, the core concepts are reinforced through activities and projects that are based on monthly themes. This helps to add to the variety of instruction and learning taking place, as well as making learning engaging and fun!


    Eastern Point Day School is committed to activity based/hands-on science instruction. Earth, life, and physical sciences are introduced with a focus on scientific method. Monthly themes/curriculum, seasons, and children’s interests factor into the planning of each lesson. The classroom, science room, school grounds, local parks and beaches, museums and other community destinations, and resources are our science laboratories.

    Social Studies

    Our History and Social Studies curriculum helps students acquire an understanding of the world and society they live in preparing them for responsible participation at school and throughout their community. Children learn what it means to be a part of a community, what our responsibilities are, and how to be an engaged member of society. We also incorporate activities based on World history, United States history and current events going on in both our country and around the world. The use of simulations, skits, technology, and visits to historical sites and museums add excitement to the classroom and enrich students’ understanding of political and historical events and the world in which they live.