Educational Philosophy

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  • 2016-2017 Application
  • We believe learning respect and dignity are as important as fundamental academics. 

    All grades interact throughout the week, from PreK to 8th grade, building a sense of community and belonging, regardless of age or grade. This supports a strong foundation of respect and requires students treat everyone with dignity. Our small school size allows for faculty to work closely with students, directly supporting students of all ages with problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making.

    Our curriculum is designed to address and support the National Common Core Standards for Teaching and Learning. Our teachers work together; their methodologies and strategies play a prominent role in defining teaching and learning relevant to individual needs and group dynamics. 


    Key focus areas

    Core Academic Subjects focusing on a classical education in reading language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, drama, Spanish and physical education.

    • Interdisciplinary Themes incorporating an experiential approach to learning by connecting basic subjects to broad based themes, such as global awareness and environmental studies.  
    • Innovation is woven into each subject and includes investigation, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and collaborative teamwork.
    • Information, Media and Technology required of today's students include information and media literacy, communications and technology.  
    • Life and Work Skills are essential to navigating in today's fast-paced, high-technology world. The development of the individual student’s social competency and responsibility includes flexibility, adaptability, initiative and self direction, cross-cultural awareness, productivity, accountability, organization, and leadership.

    Beyond Four Walls

    Connectivity, creativity, relevance, teamwork and technology bring the curriculum to life as students tap into the local and regional environment to extend the walls of their classrooms. 

    EPDS’s curriculum not only serves to facilitate quality teaching and learning, but also promotes the culture and values that define our school – a place where all people treat each other with dignity and respect, are kind and caring, always learning, working hard and having fun.